Green Team

Mayor’s Spring Clean Up Day (April 2011)

(Photo credit: Howard Fink)

The engine for all greening projects is the RHIC Green Team, a group of neighborhood volunteers who plan and implement projects both big and small.

Where can you find Green Team folks in Reservoir Hill?


Working in our two community gardens (April 2011)

(Photo credit: Howard Fink)

Leading bike repair workshops for neighborhood teenagers (July 2010)

Teaching residents how to make rain barrels (August 2010)

Raising a hoophouse (October 2010)

Taking care of neighborhood tree wells (February 2011)

Planning projects (May 2011)

Cleaning up (April 2011)

(Photo credit: Howard Fink)

Driving bobcats (May 2011)

Planting trees (April 2011)

(Photo credit: Howard Fink)

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